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The Homefront

The Library of Congress "On the Homefront" offers original posters from World War II illustrating five different way Americans at home contributed to the war effort: volunteer work, civil defense, conservation, economic initiativs, and patriotic support.
Course: United States History

Features posters & images illustrating some of the ways American's at home contributed to war efforts overseas during... see more


The Library of Congress website "On the Homefront" illustrates five ways Americans at home supported the war effort from 1941-45. Each category is illustrated by original posters from the war era. There are 19 posters for Volunteer Work, 13 posters for Civil Defense, 22 posters for Conservation, 22 for Economic Initiatives, and 24 for Patriotic Support. After viewing all the posters in ALL categories write a 5-7 page paper describing in detail how the war effort was aided by civilian actions back in the United States.


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Humanities, History, Topical, Wars

Learning Objectives

To identify ways Americans supported the war effort at home.
To list specific examples of homefront contributions during World War II.
To evaluate the significance of homefront activities in the war effort.