Learning Exercise


Lots of great links, vocabulary and projects about magnets

Lots of information and links to vocabulary and experiments about magnets and magnetism see more


1. Students will be given materials for discovery of the properties of magnets
(various sizes of magnets, box of 100 paperclips, 6 or 8 different interference
materials (3"-4" squares) such as foil, sheet of paper, card stock, wax paper,
thick and thin fabric.
2. Have students see how many of the paper clips will stick to the "naked"
magnet. Record this number on a chart.
3. Use each of the interference materials and see how many paper clips stick
with each. Record these numbers on a chart.
4. Take the chart and use this as a basis to make a bar graph, listing each
interference material across the bottom (x axis) and the number of paperclips up
the side (y axis).
5. Remember to label clearly and use color to make the presentation visually

Technical Notes

basic computer skills, actual magnets as well as materials which will stick or interfere with magnetic attraction.


CA Science Standard 2 a & d)
(force has both direction and magnitude & identify forces that are acting on an object)

Learning Objectives

Students shall be able to demonstrate both direction and magnitude of magnetic force.