Learning Exercise

Voyager & Planets

This lab/activity will show the relative the size and distance of the planets in the solar system and the solar system to other stars in the galaxy.

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Have the students bring in an old baseball cap and give them a planet. They
color the hat in the color of their planet and they make a scaled model of their
planet and place it on the rim. When they go to their spot in the solar
system, have them point the rim of their hat in the direction of the orbit.
This allows you to bring in vectors and motion to the activity.

Technical Notes

When you go on NASA'a site, search for: JPL 400-1003 and you will get the pdf activity.

You need a large field to do this activity.


Understanding angles and distance


Astronomy - 8.4

Learning Objectives

Visually see the distance and size of objects in the solar system.