Learning Exercise

The Stuff Between Nothing

Standards for Grade 1
Investigation and Experimentation
4a. Draw pictures that portray some features of the thing being described.
b. Record observations and data with pictures, numbers, or written statements.

A good site for young students (elementary) or low level readers in middle/high school. see more


This could take up to 2 weeks. Complete first several pages with students on
chart paper. They can copy into their book.
Day 1 View website. Do a "picture walk" through the solar system
Day 2 Review Sun page. Draw picture of our Sun. Write a sentence or two about
one-two feature(s) of the Sun.
Day 3 Review Mercury page. Draw a picture of Mercury. Write a sentence or two
about one-two feature(s) of Mercury.
Days 4-10 Review each page, draw the planet, and add the fact(s) about the


Technical Notes

Access to the internet. Go to Kids Astronomy.
Booklets for each student, include a cover and 10 pages.
Pencil, Crayons or colored pencils

Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn features of our star and each planet
2. Students will draw pictures of each body and record, in complete sentences, 1-2 features of each one.