Learning Exercise

Computer and Internet Technology Research

Use Webopedia to track down definitions of technology terms as well as revealing relationships between technologies.
Course: Computer Literacy and/or Intro to Information Systems

Webopedia - online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology see more


Access the Webopedia site and search for the term "ERP." What does "ERP" stand for and is it hardware, software, or something else? Write a two paragraph (6 to 10 sentences) synopsis of ERP. Be sure to identify at least two major ERP vendors. Also, report the amount of ERP sales world-wide and provide the reference for the sales amount you report. [Note: you may need to link to related articles and Web pages referenced within Webopedia.]


Technical Notes





reference material for computer and Internet technology

Learning Objectives

Learn how to use the Webopedia resource to research terms and concepts of information technology.