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Digital Citizenship Webquest

Materials pertinent to digital citizenship and related concerns

Collection Content

  • CRAAP Test
    CRAAP Test (External link)
    This convenient rubric can be used for source evaluation.
  • Evaluating Online Information
    This video tutorial addresses the A-E of website evaulation, one of several models for deciding whether a website is... More
  • What is Information Literacy?
    Video explaining Information Literacy basics
  • BBC Go The Distance: Digital Literacy
    A series of Digital Literacy videos that take you through the online world of digital information, safety and security,... More
  • Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News
    A resource on information literacy from The New York Times.
  • The Parent, Educator & Youth Guide to LGBTQ Cyberbullying
    A guide to Cyberbullying perpetrated on the basis of homosexuality or gender nonconformity.
  • CBS: Meet the Kids
    CBS: Meet the Kids (External link)
    Primary source interview with kids involved in Cyberbullying.
  • CBS: I was a Bully
    CBS: I was a Bully (External link)
    Primary source interview with a Cyberbully.
  • Gays Can Change
    Gays Can Change (External link)
    Article included as reference source for digital citizenship lesson.