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NUTR. 465 Leadership & Professional Issues in Food and Nutrition

This course will explore current political, regulatory, ethical, training, quality improvement, management and other important related issues facing food and nutrition professionals. Students will use their educational foundation to investigate, identify, and suggest alternative methods of resolving these problems. The course will examine the leadership roles of food and nutrition professionals. Students will apply this knowledge by investigating current controversial issues in food and nutrition and will develop solutions to these problems.


Nutr 285 and junior or senior standing.

Pedagogical Approach

This course meets the requirements for 3 hours of the D category: Synthesis of the core curriculum. This course will assist students to be able to draw on their educational experiences to develop interdisciplinary responses to problems and issues of contemporary life. They should explore the factors that influence these problems and issues, and identify ways in which they might contribute toward their resolution.

Learning Outcomes

1.     Evaluate the role of nutrition in optimizing health throughout the lifecycle and respond to harmful nutrition practices. 2.     Demonstrate knowledge of nutrition as it applies to food service, dietetics and wellness. 3.     Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to apply management principles to nutrition and food service. 4.     Present and evaluate food and nutrition education programs to a variety of audiences. 5.     Assess the role that behavior, economics, and dietary supplements have on planning and eating healthy diets. 6.     Demonstrate problem-solving skills in food service, dietetics and wellness.


 This course addresses the following Foundation Knowledge and Expected Learning Outcomes of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics for the students seeking to be a Registered Dietitian.

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