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Planning for Educational Change

a) To identify policies and practices of effective schools which have undergone significant      change.

b)  To identify essential elements and catalysts necessary for change to occur.

c)  To develop strategies and leadership dispositions that allow for significant change.

d)  To make research about change a current and future practice of participating educators.

e)  To identify and analyze organizations that need effective change, and to learn how to

             plan successful implementation strategies to produce change.

f) To understand theories of change and the characteristics of those who best implement


g) To understand the stakeholders involved in change, the use and role of Professional Learning Communities, and how they intersect with the changes needed to implement the Common Core Curriculum.

h)  To explore the policy changes that accompany any building or district level planning and changes that are done and their effects on the overall decision-making and policy structure of the district, including the concomitant responsibilities of the administrator incharge of the planning for change.


The course is required in the doctoral program for K-12 Educational Administration. It should be taken midway in the sequencing of courses.

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