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Tips Against the Fear of Exams

Most people go insecure or nervous in an exam. But sometimes this "normal" form of anxiety grows into a veritable panic or blockage. The concentration is in the bucket, everything you've learned is wiped away, and you're just a shivering bunch of people. I create research proposal writing for several service and every new writing is like an exam for me. Therefore, to avoid that, I create some tips against the fear of exams.


Prepare yourself well in terms of content

First of all, be sure to give yourself as little reason for fear as possible: Learn what you can learn and prepare yourself well. At home, you may still be confident in victory, but in the test, it quickly shows whether the base is right. Extra tip: Try to master the new knowledge so well that you can almost "pray it down while you sleep". I have read the beautiful example of a millipede: If the millipede still thinks about where to put his legs, he will certainly stumble. The more automatic and somnambulistic he masters the matter, the better. The same applies to exams 

Prepare well for the exam

It can also help if you are already familiar with the exam situation: Who is the examiner? What do you know about him and his "style"? Which substance is queried? Which criteria are evaluated? What is the timing? What do the rooms look like? Or ask about the possibility for trial exams. Practice the exam with friends. Extra Tip: Can you choose your examiner yourself? Then avoid all the people who do not have the chemistry, who are intimidating or frightening you. You can still get through the exam very well, but it only unnecessarily increases your anxiety and stress levels.

Pedagogical Approach

Create a positive environment

Avoid people who make you nervous, put pressure on you, scare you, or whine, moan, and grumble. So "heated up" you will not go straight to your exam. Then look for people to build and cheer you up. 

Accept your fear

Well, you are approaching the exam room. Are you already hot or cold? Is your heart beating madly or threatening to make you feel bad? Then do not go crazy with the idea that you should be pretty cool, not afraid, and, dammit, get off the trip again. You're scared, admit it, that's normal. This reduces the pressure. 

Learn meditation and relaxation techniques

It can also help if you also have some meditation and relaxation techniques on it. It does not matter if you mumble "Om" or watch a bird go down, it does not matter. The main thing is to bring your mind to rest.

Do some breathing exercises

It also helps if you inhale and exhale a few times. Those who are afraid tend to hyperventilate. You become short of breath, do not get enough air and increase even more into your panic. Calm your breath - so calm yourself too.

Write your fear of the soul

Okay, the blank sheet or the tasks yawn at you, and the fear is still there? Then not only accept your fear, but put it on paper. It has been proven that anxiety that you have in your head to move around or paralyzing, blocks. Your brain will not be concerned with the subject, but with your fear, and that's counterproductive. Let them out, then it will be easier.


Learning Outcomes

If necessary, also add your fear

Sometimes it can also be helpful to admit your fear. This is definitely better than wrestling words or standing there silently as a fish, while the examiner is slowly coming to the conclusion that you have not learned and that nothing is to be expected from you. Fear is understandable and, as I said, dealing with it, rather than displacing it, can also be beneficial. 

Promote a positive expectation

If you assume or at least fear that your exam will end in disaster, at least your fear is greater and the disaster may not be far away. Instead, try to imagine a good outcome of the exam. You have learned well, you go out with a good grade and then you have it behind you.

Get yourself in a positive mood

Also music, sounds and vibrations have a direct effect on our brain. The already mentioned "Om" in meditation can calm down. And an uplifting favorite music  can really get you going.  

Extra tip: By the way, you can also influence your current mood with your body and posture. For example, sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and look ahead confidently. Or let your forehead become smooth, clear the worry lines and set the frown - that too calms you down.


Come to the letter

As I said, pretty much everything is more helpful than to become "catatonic" in his anxiety and fall into a state of shock. Perhaps you have already written down your fears on paper, then you have definitely taken the pen. If that was not the case, you could now try writing with a little free writing, for example. Write automatically, without stopping for a little while. What you write does not matter. The main thing is that your brain is busy writing and it's not going to drive you and you crazy.   

Press your mascot again

So, after all the preparations, you are almost ready, right, I'll let you go on your tasks. Only one more thing: Do you have a mascot? A good luck charm, talisman, anything that calms you? Then take this into the exam, press it again and get to the tasks. Will be fine.

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