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Essential IPad Organizer Apps – Essentials Pro

The Essentials Pro, an all in one application developed for your iPad that contains some useful apps in it. This compilation of a set of useful apps is beneficial as you can use many applications by paying the cost of one. It has a total of seventeen apps that can be accessed with just a single touch. These apps are of several categories and they perform various functions. Some of them serve the functions of an Organizer in an effective manner for ios app marketeting. These Organizer apps in the Essentials Pro are Notes, Alarm, Language Converter, Currency Converter, World Clock, Measurements, Compass, Date Calculator and Time Converter.

There also other apps like City Guide, Voice Recorder, Radio, Weather, Secure Album, Flash Light, Battery and Dumpy Level in the Essentials Pro. These are basically navigation and multimedia applications that are very useful. The navigation app, City Guide is mainly for you to understand more about your locality and to get routes and directions to desired locations instantly. The other apps are multimedia ones that can keep you entertained by engaging you with music through Radio and also help you to record any sound using the voice Recorder.

The organizer apps are very essential due to their functionality and the ones that are available in this all in one app for iPad serve their purpose effectively. Read further to know more about these apps those are bundled together in a single app.

The Notes application will allow you to create a quick note that can even be shared with others through mail. The Alarm app is features with many alarm settings and it has details like name, time, tone and repeat. The World Clock app is yet another useful app that displays the time in various time zones in both Custom as well as Analog Clock formats. All you have to do in this app is to select the required time zone.

The Compass is an application that allows you to find where you are. This app will display the direction in which you are and the degree of deviation from that direction. The last but not the least is the Date Calculator application. This will help you in finding out the number of days between the two given dates, the day corresponding to a particular date and find out the date after the specified number of days.

There are some conversion apps like Language Converter, Currency Converter, Measurements and Time Converter. The Language Converter will help you in converting the text that you enter from one language to another. Similarly, the Currency Converter will convert the value that is entered from one currency to the desired one. The Measurements is a unit conversion application in the Essentials Pro. It is used to convert the value of one unit of measurement to another. The Time Converter app will allow you to get the time in the desired zone by typing the time at a known zone. These converter apps will be very useful and they are quite simple and easy to use

Essentials Pro HD was developed by Permeative Technologies Pvt .Ltd.


There is one or another reason, lots of people use iPad for their day-to-day work. I also like to manage my daily activities with the iPad apps. Applications that are built on iPad have many advantages over software that requires downloading and installation on your personal computer. First of all iPad apps are accessible no matter wherever you go, as well you can do almost all things which you do through your notebook or computer.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of iPad applications are available, among some of them might be essential for our day-to-day work. Instead of spending time on searching for the one you needed, and spending money for each and every app you need, in this new app you will find a collection of Essential apps, in one touch.

Pedagogical Approach

Essential Pro totally contains Seventeen Essential apps including some that are most suitable for your daily life. Now the time is having this app, called Essential Pro on your iPad device. It has number of basic apps or can say must have apps which are explained bellow.

The list goes like –a Navigational app, City Guide. Also it acts as your organizer with apps like-Alarm, Note, unit conversion, currency converter, time converter, date calculator, language converter, world clock and weather. As well for multimedia-it has Audio recorder, secure album and Radio, as well other few apps like Compass, Dumpy Level, Flash Light, and Battery are available to help you and updates you in each and every minute.

Learning Outcomes

The Navigational app-City Guide helps you find precise information about your surroundings or tells about your city and locates you to the nearest point where you may want the nearest or most famous like any parking lot, gym, shop, or restaurant; it’s quite handy while you travel.


Most of these Apps you see in this are for conversions and calculations, they help to get quick result on the go. Like ‘Language converter’ helps you to understand any language by converting it into your native language, ‘Currency converter’ converts a currency of one country to that of different countries. ‘Date calculator’ helps you get immediate result about required date or day or difference between the given two dates, the ‘Measurements’ helps you in converting units of measurements and ‘Time converter’ gets you the time and time zone of different cities in one touch.

Other Information

Moreover, it has Radio to play worldwide radio stations, Voice Recorder to record your voice, Notes to enable you to make a quick note and Secure Album to save your memories in the form of images and videos with a password. As well you have Weather app to get information about your city’s weather, World clock to have look at time in different countries, Compass directs you to specific directions and Dumpy level lets you know elevation or depression in the surface level. Flash light will help you to adjust the display lightning and Battery will show you the battery backup status of your device.

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