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Tinesha Weaver

MPH 6903-Comprehensive Field Placement, Spring 2019

MPH 6903 is the internship course of the program that prepares the student to demonstrate the learned public health core competencies in a professional practice.

Students are required to complete 240 hours with their precepting site in order to meet the requirements for this course.


Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Students must have substantial previous experience in public health at the professional level to be eligible for this course. Project development and demonstration of academic knowledge with learned public health core competencies in professional public health practice settings.

Pedagogical Approach

Course Overview: MPH 6903 is a learner centered pedagogical where the student uses prior knowledge and new experiences to create knowledge.  Students play an active role in the learning process.

Example of Approach Used: For this internship, I created a proposal to decrease food insecurity amongst Vidant Health employees.  The food sources included: Vidant purchasing Community Supported Agriculture boxes (farm boxes) to distribute to employees, providing employees with a certain amount of money to be added to their employee badges for Vidant Eatery purchases and supplying employees with food vouchers to the food pantry located on campus.

Learning Outcomes

Course Outcomes: After the completion of this course, the student should be able to function as a master's level public health employee.



Overall Performance: The student's performance is evaluated through a midterm and final evaluation from the site preceptor and a grade provided in response to a poster, presentation and portfolio created by the student.

Internship Data: The data used to identify the percentages of food insecure employees per region was collected through the annual Health Risk Assessment.  Two custom questions were added to the questionaire: "within the past 12 months, I sometimes or often worried whether my food would run out before I got money to buy more and within the past 12 months, sometimes or often, the food I bought just didn't last and I didn't have money to get more.'

The proposal was evaluated by my site preceptor, returned for corrections and resubmitted.


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