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Learning the art of professional writing

For some writing is an inborn gift, some learn it quickly and some struggle with it. If you are an inborn writer cherish this quality for it makes you an artist. You can play with words and paint a story, write a novel become poets and the list is endless. For those who learn writing by reading others is also a quality worth cherishing too. However, those who desire to learn writing but struggle with it big time, that’s is no big deal either.  Here is how you can make one of the best contents.


Mostly college going students freak out with things like, “I don’t know how to write my essay." What should I do? Should I not submit my assignment? A thing like writing should never freak anyone out. Everything is already within you. You need to give a little attention to a few steps. You have to agree with me on the fact that everything is difficult until you learn it. Once you learn, it becomes easy, but something is becoming easy does not mean it has no worth. It becomes your talent, cherish it, polish it and make the best out of it.


What is prewriting?  Prewriting is when you plan to write something. It's all done on your head. For example if you want to write an annotated bibliography you will be having a complete planning in your mind to produce it. You need to relax, sit back and think what you want to write about. Once you decide what is it that you want to pen down, consider what specifically you want to say about it.


You will learn the art of professional writing through out this course.

Pedagogical Approach

Use conceptual approach thorugh out the course as concepts will make you understand different techniques of professional writing

Learning Outcomes

You will have strong expertise in professional writing and most specifically essay writing techniques.


Quizes will be conducted regularly throughout the semester to judge your understanding about this course.

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