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Writing an Analystical & Cause and effect essay

Well, it’s simple.As the name suggests, the goal of an analytical essay is to analyse something and explain it in depth to increase understanding.You can write an analytical essay on different subjects --- analyze a book, play, event, poem, issue, or a piece of art.However, while tackling such essays don’t simply summarize the topic; instead, you are required to critically examine the details and provide evidence to support your arguments.When writing about a novel analyze the plot, how the author has portrayed the characters, and the influence it has on the readers.


High school and college students are often asked to write a cause and effect essay and it is one of the more common types of essays.Such essays require students to discuss why something took place and the consequences it has had. You can be asked to explain the effect or consequences of an event, decision or an action.


Before jumping straight to the writing part, it is important that you have an outline to work with. This helps you focus and stay on track.

Pedagogical Approach

The introduction serves as the main starting point of any essay. Similar to how people judge a book by its cover

Learning Outcomes

The introductory paragraph introduces the topic and provides relevant background information. It also comprises the hook sentence to grab the reader's attention and lastly the thesis statement


Lastly, the conclusion of your essay will include a brief summary of the overall essay.

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