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Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is the most important task especially when you are in university. To write a perfect paper, you must have all the required skills and information about the topic that you are working on. Research paper writing is different from write my essay for me tasks because in this case you have to be very specific and brief.


Research paper writing is different from writing essays. While browsing information always go for journal articles and other scientific websites. Make sure that the site is authentic. While citing articles, remember that the articles should not be older than five years.


Materials and Methods: In this part, document all the materials and methods that you used in your study. Use third person passive voice and also don’t forget to write it in past tense. 

Pedagogical Approach

Results: Here you will analyze and explain your findings. Don't interpret your results in this part. Just write down what you observed. Also incorporate graphs and figures, there is no page limit for this part.

Learning Outcomes

Discussion: In this part interpret your results and support your conclusion. You have to explain everything in this part. If your results are in contradiction of what you expected, then explain the reasons behind that. 


Also, mention if your experimental design was helpful in achieving the results and include suggestions for better results. Whatever it is don’t forget to write it in past tense.

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