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How Smartphones are Transforming User Behaviour

The results of a recent study have shown that smartphones play a significant role in the everyday lives of users; reflecting an overwhelming response to mobile advertising and a need for local searches.

These findings reveal that the need for businesses and retailers to be mobile friendly and search optimised is greater than ever before; and the secret to maximised visibility could lie within having a mobile oriented site.

The study; conducted by Google and independent market research firm, Ipsos OTX; investigated how smartphones were used by over 5,000 adults in the US, with the goal of understanding how this technology incorporated into everyday life.


This research has uncovered how essential the smartphone has become for so many; and what exactly they’re being used for.

Perhaps most surprising, was the find that mobile ads are actually very successful and influential, with 82% of participants noticing them, and over half of these taking action as a result; either by visiting a website or making a purchase.

Pedagogical Approach

This information could strengthen the mobile ad market; and if used correctly, could enhance the websites and sales of many businesses.

Another interesting revelation from the research was the need for local information; 95% of users studied had looked for local information, and a staggering 88% of these had taken action within just a day, most often contacting or visiting a nearby business.

Learning Outcomes

These figures indicate a high demand for local knowledge, whether it’s finding a nearby restaurant, or a local mechanic; and shows that smartphones are a vital tool for visiting new places and learning about an area.

If the popularity of smartphones were ever doubted, the fact that 93% of those studied used app store at home, and more than one in three people used them in the bathroom (not recommended!) should surely quash those concerns.


What the study has discovered, is just how powerful the mobile platform is, and how the smartphone has become a fully integrated tool for everyday tasks and experiences.

Our advice to businesses now is to take their presence mobile, ensuring users can locate them, use them, and contact them efficiently and effectively on their smartphones.

Many think the mobile market has yet to take off, but what this study confirms; is that it is well and truly established as a powerful business tool, and cannot be ignored.

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