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Addition and Subtraction Fun!

Addition and Subtraction Fun!

This PowerPoint kiosk provides students with an opportunity to practice their math skills in an exciting method that will, at the same time, increase their skill sets.  Drill and practice is one instructional strategy that will be used during the kiosk. The learners will be given number sentences with picture representations to assist with determining a solution. Another instructional strategy that will be utilized is the problem solving...

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Dianne Stemen
Dianne Stemen (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

The use of your narrations and pictures are very important for this age group if you want them to work independently. This lesson starts with basic pictures and progresses up to use of words representing the pictures. It has a very soothing color scheme to it and provides students with a great use of reinforcement for incorrect answers. It is very easy to use this lesson. The material covered, the length of time, and the way in which it is covered are appropriate for the targeted age group. Nicely done!!!!

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Julie Sheridan
Julie Sheridan (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a great resource to use in a lower elementary classroom. I think that having audio to go along with the slides is a valuable addition to the project. I can see students really enjoying working through the problems. By having both basic number sentences and story problems you are providing some of your lower students with opportunities to be successful with the basic problems while at the same time challenging them to work through the story problems. The visual representations are varied and provide a multitude of ways to view the problems.

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This project was easy to work through. One the very first slide it is explained how to click through the project.

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Duane B. Karlin
Duane B. Karlin (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

A very engaging lesson on basic addition and subtraction for elementary students.  It is especially accessible to students with hearing disabilities because you recorded your voice.  Nice work!  The problems were relevant and interesting, thus giving students a real-world basis for what they were learning.  I liked how on some of the slides, when it was correctly answered, you would have the problem written again for the students.  This would help reinforce what they had just learned.

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I did not have any technical issues with the Presentation.  Very nice work.

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Jeff Berk
Jeff Berk (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I really like this PowerPoint.  It uses great visuals along with the fomulas (number sentences) and provides for immediate feedback.  The graphics are great and I like the idea of how she used some of the same principles as "Touch Math" (tradmark) for questions answered incorrectly.  She actually places the number on the object so a child can touch and count the objects to get the answer.  Great ideas!  It is short and I can see where my granddaughter of 4 years old just about to enter kindergarten is ready to use something like this.  I'm going to have her try it.  Hats off to you, very well done!

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The PowerPoint ran very well as expected.

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