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FITT Stair

FITT Stair

This is a Stand-Alone Instructional Resource about the FITT principals and the five components of fitness. It is presented in powerpoint and the students will be able to complete the lesson on their own and at their own pace. It starts out with general knowledge about health and how the choices you make impact your life, then has a quiz. The difference between physical activity and physical fitness are defined along with the FITT principals. Another quiz follows. Then, each of the five components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular Strenght and endurance, muscular flexibility and body composition) give a definintion, benefits, and examples. A short quiz follows each of the sections. Finally, the students are presented with two case studies and have to answer questions about the... Show More


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Jane F. O'Brien
Jane F. O'Brien (Faculty)
7 years ago

The presentation began well. I was glad to see that was to be an interactive lesson. However, I was only able to view the first four slides.

Technical Remarks:

Unable to view

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes
Cassandra Weddel
Cassandra Weddel (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

Derek, I really enjoyed this assignment. I think you capitolized and succeeded in trying to reach a variety of learning styles.  You did a wonderful job demonstrating how to calculate a heart rate from different medias.   I think this is geared to differently learning styles and abiliites.  It demonstrates rewards and provides a reason for effort and persistence throughout this assignment.  It is engaging and informative.

The only change I would recommend is using audio in some sections for individuals who learn through auditory methods.


I am also a PE teacher and I will be using this in my classroom.  Thanks for sharing!

Kyle Whymer
Kyle Whymer (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

This is an outstanding StAIR for a physical education class.  This resource does a good job explaining and teaching the content of FITT.  Specifically, the resource does a good job of this by providing a video resource for the viewer.  This allows visual learners to have as good of an opportunity to learn the material as text learners.  The resource also does a good job of providing links for the students to explore the content further.  Also, it provides students the ability calculate their own target heart range.  This could be a good motivating factor for the students. 

Technical Remarks:

Perhaps one way to make this resource more UDL friendly would be to add audio to your text on the slides for students with visual impairments, students that struggle to read, and students that are auditory learners.  Also, the video could be equipped with text for students that learn best by reading or are hearing impaired. 

Time spent reviewing site: 20 mins
Christina Harrison
Christina Harrison (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

This presentation did an excellent job explaining the importance of physical activity and its benefits. It was very easy to follow and understand. The sequencing made sense and the quiz questions were appropriate. The video summarizing the 5 components of fitness was funny and informative.

My only suggestion would be to add the option of listening to the presentation for students who are visually impaired.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes