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Identifying Trees Powerpoint

Identifying Trees Powerpoint

This powerpoint presentation is in kiosk mode and is designed for students to go through at their own pace. It requires student interaction to answer questions trying to figure out what leaves go to what tree. The students are directed to the Wisconsin DNR website for more detailed on the steps to identifying trees based on their leaves. This lesson is designed to meet 3rd grade science objectives.



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Johanna Meola
Johanna Meola (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

Your STAIR was easy to read and navigate.  The colors and overall design were bright and engaging. However, I was able to bypass the questions on your PowerPoint by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the page.  It might be better if students had to answer the questions before they could move on.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Justin Meese
Justin Meese (Content Developer/Author)
5 years ago

I believe this course has great content and excellent instructional design.  With that being said, I believe a few of the presentation and technical aspects lack and detract from the content.  This resource cannot be used absent an instructor, but does provide an excellent resource to be used as a resource for a lesson.    


Here are my thoughts on the resource.

While the graphics and presentation is consistent throughout the assignment, there were times where they distracted from the tool.  For example, the reflection on the title was a nice touch, but the reflection was so dense that it actually made it difficult to read.  The area where you click to learn more, approximately slide 3.  That slide would have been a good spot to do a self-exploration exercise before quizzing their skill.  

I also noticed there were no back buttons during the presentation.  That limited the user to going back and looking at the information presented on previous slides.  A more deliberate navigation system would increase the process dramatically.

Finally, while the link did work to go to the DNR site, having a link open from within a power point presentation like that does have implications with schools internet security protocols, something to consider.  Also, since the presentation is opened in kiosk mode, it makes it difficult for the user to navigate between the DNR site and the presentation.  Letting the user know that Esc. toggles that would be helpful.


Overall, the presentation is a great start to a very useful lesson.  

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes
Marc Schulz
Marc Schulz (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

I like the colors, pictures, and the length of the presentation. I wonder if it is user friendly for a third grader. I like that their is a help link but I wonder if it could take you to another slide rather then to a website. I also wonder if you could add some sound clips to help walk a thrid grader through the slides or even to help pronounce some of the words.

Time spent reviewing site: 15min
Katie White
Katie White (Faculty)
5 years ago

Nice work on your Stair project. I learned some French during this lesson. I felt that the students would enjoy this project because they can not only read and watch a video but they can also test their knowledge before taking the real quiz. The layout was appealing to the eye although the text became a bit much just before the pratice portion. It would be nice if students could listen to each of the words with an audio option but at least in the text your understanding section. Auditory learners would really benefit from this. Nice work over all!

Technical Remarks:

Everything seemed to work well. The videos were good for reinforcement. Perhaps you could avoid the voice over for flip4mac by making a screen cast or finding the videos on youtube. Not sure this would eleminate it but maybe. N

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Brian Stukey
Brian Stukey (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

I liked the keys for identifing the trees, but I feel they would work best with a slightly older student.  The presentation was bright and full of vivid pictures which kept my attention.  This should definitely help with a diverse learning population.  I might suggest having even more pictures just to show the difference between some of the sub categories.

Technical Remarks:

I think there may have been a glitch because I missed the two lists of trees as I went through the assignment.  I found them after I went mach and reopened the Power Point slide.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Jean Sullivan
Jean Sullivan (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

I felt the two slides after the objectives would be difficult for my 3rd grades to understand.   It may have been helpful to put an picture or drawing showing what a single needle, flat needle or angled needle looks like for the students needing a visual would understand.  Pictures of trees in your community next to the name of the trees would also help those students that are hands on.   

Technical Remarks:

I had some difficulty with your four quiz buttons not working on the first click.  It would be helpful to add back buttons for students needing to re-read the previous slide.  In addition, I know my special needs children may have a a difficult time reading text that contains shadowing.  But the rest of the information was organized and easy to read.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes (had problems with the quiz buttons)
Molly Turner
Molly Turner (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago


Nice work on your tree identification StAIR.  I like that you clearly list the objectives you plan to address on the opening slide and that you compare conferous and deciduous trees by using needle vs. leaves.  This is something simple that students can recognize and helps to tell the major difference between the two types of trees.  I also thought that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site was a great resource.  I did have a little trouble following the tree identification charts you made.  Perhaps connecting some of the boxes with lines would have helped me to follow the branch diagram better.  I also wasn't directed through all of the quiz questions.  After the first questions the presentation closed.  That may be an issue with the action buttons.  I had problems with this in my presentation as well.  Finally, I think this did a great job of addressing some of the UDL guidelines for checkpoint 2.2.  Nice work!

Technical Remarks:

None of the links in this presentation are broken

Time spent reviewing site: 10:00