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Demos with Positive Impact

Demos with Positive Impact

Demos with Positive Impact is a collection of quick classroom demos that enhance the learning of mathematics content through animations, experiments etc. Each demo comes with stated objective, prerequisites, instructor notes and platform info, plus the level of the demo and credits. This setup appears conducive to quick inclusion into a class. To view a video of the award winning author, go to ...

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Josh Davies
Josh Davies (Student)
12 years ago
The site is designed to provide "tools" for use in the classrrom when teaching various levels of math. In review, I found that the site could be helpful if it were to be integrated into the course seamlessly. The site was easy to use and simple to navigate. The classifications would making finding a tool easy for the instructor or student.

Technical Remarks:

Worked, well. This is a no-frills website that has some very basic graphics. The site is not flashy or really catch your eye, but it it does provide a different view of various problems that would be presented in math courses.
Time spent reviewing site: I spend about 15 minutes reviewing this site. I reviewed several sites prior to commenting, not knowing how I would determine which is better than the other. I liked this site because no explaination was necessary to understand the concept.
Roslyn Hoover
Roslyn Hoover (Student)
12 years ago
I first watched a video by the authors of the demos. I found this to be a great introduction as to what the demos offered to teachers and students. The material on the website was well organized. You can find what you need through a key word index or demo collections based on the subject matter. The quality was presented in a way where I could interact visually with the material. I found this to be very useful and the content was accurate. I think this website helps teachers and students so much because these demos serve as a way to visually show students a new approach to learning. Now teachers have a powerful tool to demonstrate mathematics in a way where its fast and much easier to teach. I think at first it’s a bit overwhelming but once you get started it’s worth it because the information is shown in a way where you can interact through activities where you can actually see your work being done through technology.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Kaitlyn Fiechtner
Kaitlyn Fiechtner (Student)
12 years ago
Phenomenal resource that will aid greatly in visual understanding more than most text books can. I will definitely use this! Thanks for sharing!
Rachel Micheletti
Rachel Micheletti (Student)
13 years ago
I really liked this one. I went to A Carpenter Draws an Ellipse and went through the problem. It went through step by step in detail and had very good explanations. I would recommend this tool.
Time spent reviewing site: 10 mins
Melvin Peralta
Melvin Peralta (Student)
13 years ago
As i first went to the website, i noticed that there was a menu bar on the left, i continued on to find many different types of demos that was stored for Calculus, and Pre-Calculus. I was amazed as to the animations and pictures, along with though rough explanations on their demo. I followed along easily with the information that went along with the demo, i especially liked in "how a carpenter draws an ellipse" it showed real life examples arches that is made by use of an ellipse. For first time users, i think using this material can really benefit a student/teacher learning great examples for their subjects.

Technical Remarks:

For first time users i think that it should be easy enough to access the demos because of the menu bar on the left that categorizes the site's contents.
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Ramirez (Student)
13 years ago
I watched a demo on this website for about 20 min. The contents on this site shows probability. This site also has some games that make thinking about probability a little bit less stressful maybe even fun...This site can help students understand the concept of probability.
Andy Luong
Andy Luong (Student)
13 years ago
i spent about 40 minutes on this section. It talks about Demos with Positive impact. There was a link called Calculator Bases Demos. In there there was a link called PLINKO, i thought it was a cool website because it shows how does probabilities work, another game that was similar to the Tv show the price is right. This really shows the student or people that wants to learn about probabilities and how to calculate them. this site is really quick and easy to learn.
Used in course? Yes
Farah Tala
Farah Tala (Student)
13 years ago
I reviewed this website for about 10 minutes and spent another 20 minutes reviewing a demo. This website is a project to connect mathematics instructors with effective teaching tools. The quality of the content was very informational and educating. A link on the Calculator Demo titled "what you dont see" describes interestingly the drawbacks graphing calculators possess when displaying certain graphs. This demo was very helpful in illustrating how exactly the TI-85 or 83 type calculators have their limitations. The website was very easy to use and to learn from.
V Papademetriou
V Papademetriou (Student)
13 years ago
The material is quite interesting and it seems like it would also be a fun way to teach some of the concepts. The writing is clear and concise.
Time spent reviewing site: Approx 1/2 hour.