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Accord: Exercices autocorrectifs

Accord: Exercices autocorrectifs

Self-correcting exercises in French on a variety of topics in grammar, vocabulary and culture. Two levels. Niveau 1 titles are: Arrivee, Dans la Ville, Rencontres and Voyages. Niveau 2 titles include: l'Entourage, le Bien-Etre, La Communication and la Societe. Franco-Japanese version also available.


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Juliette Blue Bourdier de
10 years ago
Excellent website for beginners. Lots of exercises with immediate corrections. I particularly liked the lexical exercises. Vocabulary put in context. And the conjugation exercise, where the students are not asked to find the ending but the tricky parts in the middle of the verb (Letter transformation, double consonant, accent grave...).
Claire Kew
Claire Kew (Faculty)
10 years ago
Visually attractive site that provides a variety of grammatical exercises for beginning and intermediate French language students. I would assign select exercises (such as the verb conjugation tables) to students preferring an interactive review as opposed to the old-fashioned pen and paper memorization.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Adela Mustafaraj
Adela Mustafaraj (Student)
14 years ago
The site is a companion to the Accord text book. Pretty useful to the beginners
and easy to understand.
Used in course? Yes
Vicki Bunch
Vicki Bunch (Student)
14 years ago
I am a in finals week and really wish I had found out about this site weeks ago.
It is wonderful. It has helped me with my listening and writing skill.
Used in course? Yes
Frank Miller
Frank Miller (Student)
14 years ago
I like this site and only wish I had found it earlier. The one frustration I
have had with learning French is not having some English translation available
when the material exceeds my level of comprehension. Being able to go back and
forth with the text in French or English is a great aid to those like myself
just getting started learning the language.

Technical Remarks:

The exercises are a great help and provide immediate feedback. That I like. The
site was easy to navigate and the informational content well thought out. Now
that I know you're here, I'll be back.
Used in course? Yes
Robin Sutherland
Robin Sutherland (Student)
14 years ago
I found the site easy to use and appreciated the ability to get instant feedback
when attempting the exercises. I also appreciated the fact that I could see my
answers as well as the correct answers and read them thoroughly. The only
complaint I have is that the site doesn't have sound to go with the visual.
Used in course? Yes
Marielle Andrikopoulos
17 years ago
I found the material very easy to use, and very helpful in order to practice my
French. If used appropriately, the student's learning will definetly be

Technical Remarks:

I am only a beginner french student but I was able to practice the exercices,
and I was able to get many right answers. I was also able to learn more
vocabulary, and more grammar from the questions I got wrong.
Danielle Trudeau
Danielle Trudeau (Faculty)
17 years ago
Excellent resource for individualized, self-paced first and second year
programs. Teachers can also use it in class for reviewing before a test.

The website offers a wealth of progressive exercises in the form of short
quizzes with feedback on correct and wrong answers. Navigation is very easy from
one level to another. Most exercises are geared toward communication and based
on various topics or situations such as writing postcards, understanding a
letter, buying a newspaper, etc. All grammatical exercises (conjugation,
pronouns, word order, etc) are contextualized and require attention to slight
changes in the content of the sentences.

Technical Remarks:

No special function needed except activation of javascript in the browser.