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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

This web site provides guidelines on how to direct students to use the Web for research. Suggestions are directed towards instructors on how to use the Internet in instruction. Links to various Web sites are given for students to determine if the sites meet the Web guideline criteria. A bibliography on Web evaluation is also provided.


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Cotton Coslett
Cotton Coslett (Faculty)
2 years ago
This is a resource details the process of conducting research online and discerning whether a website might be trustworthy. It's got a ton of useful information and it is formatted in a manner that is easy to navigate. The information is presented pretty dryly and the resource could benefit from some graphics, however it is nearly 20 years old and still an effective reference tool for students willing to click through.
Dominique Hallett
Dominique Hallett (Librarian)
2 years ago
This is a fairly common material and the site is easy to use, although visually it is outdated. It could be a good jumping off point for discussion but with the newer ALA Framework, it is a bit outdated.
Mark Herring
Mark Herring (Administrator)
5 years ago

The material is straightforward and easy to use, telling users what is offered, what the outcomes or goals of the offer materials should be, and why usrs should be interested.  It leans a little toward the intermediate library user, however, rather than the first-time or casual library user.  Language directed more toward first-time users might be more likely to increase usage and attract that clientle.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson (Librarian)
14 years ago
Because so much information is available, and because that information can appear to be fairly “anonymous”, Because anyone can write a Web page, documents of the widest range of quality, written by authors of the widest range of authority, are available on an even playing field. It is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what you find which is why the site provides criteria that can be used to assess information found on the Internet. Excellent resource.
Used in course? Yes
Cecelia Green
Cecelia Green (Administrator)
10 years ago

The resource contains good information for an instructor to share with their students on verifying the validity of a website. Even though the materials are older the "Criteria" are just as applicable today. A few of the links are broken so the "sample" sites need to be updated.

Technical Remarks:

There are several broken or out-of-date links in the site.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes