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Utah Virtual Lab for teaching Science, Methods, and Statistics

The Utah online Virtual Lab is a JAVA program run dynamically off a database. Instructors author a statistical virtual reality simulating theories and data in a specific research focus area by defining independent, predictor, and dependent variables and the relations among them. Students work in an online virtual environment to discover the principles of this simulated reality: they go to a library, read theoretical overviews and scientific puzzles, and then go to a lab, design a study, collect and analyze data, and write a report. A student's design and data analysis decisions are computer-graded and recorded in a database; the written research report can be read by the instructor or by other students in peer groups simulating scientific conventions.


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Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown (Faculty)
9 years ago
The ANOVA flash can be used to give students intuition about how the F statistic is affected by manipulating variability between and within groups.
Teacher Education Editorial Board
17 years ago
This item is currently under review by the Teacher Education Editorial Board. 65
Dan Felts
Dan Felts (null)
17 years ago
I found the virtual lab highly interesting and educational. The scenarios
provided by the lab are similar to what many undergraduates have experienced or
will experience while doing research for professors. The different scenarios
also presented varying degrees of difficulty in which the student or research
assistant had to create a scientific hypothesis and determine which statistical
test to use that was best suited for the material. Directions and procedures for
using this tool are well explained and easy to follow. The application and use
of this tool in academic instruction will be highly beneficial to both students
and professors. Dr. Malloy really has a winner here.