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Graciela Falivene

Graciela Falivene


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Skills & Interests

  • Business / Management (Expert)
    Researcher and expert in active training for directors, professionals, and local development communities. My latest works and participations in international seminars and conferences focused on directors’ training and knowledge management.
  • Social Sciences (Expert)
    Urban planning .Urban development in intermediate latin american cities. Housing policies to avoid segregation and exclussion

Education History

  • Urban Planner (03/1986)
    Universidad de Buenos aires


  • Graciela Mónica Falivene and Ester Kaufman. (October 4 ,2005). Training and Articulating Public Agencies in Argentina in Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management. IDEA Group.

Honors & Awards

  • International Call for Essays on E-Learning (09/2003)
    co-authored the winning project for the “2003 International Call for Essays on E-Learning Mechanisms to Improve Distance Education of Public Officials in Ibero-America,” CLAD/REDAPP /REIGAP.



  • General Director of normatization of The Decentralization Undersecretary of the Office of the Vice Mayor , Buenos aires City Government (06/1997 – 05/2000)
  • National Training Director (03/1994 – 05/1997) INAP (Argentine National Institute of Public Administration)