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Lawrence Mung Song

Lawrence Mung Song


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Skills & Interests

  • Humanities / History / Theory and Method / History Education (Beginner)
    I would like to learn history and I want to apply this history knowledge into our world. Can my opinion success ? I am interested in history so much. I want to know every past events by detail. So I joint this website to learn what I want. Knowing theory and method of History may lead me to learn other historical knowledge. I read many books about history. At first, I love history by reading 2nd War World book. Then I learn Roman age, Medieval age and Napoleonic age and others. I think history is one of the major resource subject which can lead to interest in other subjects.

Education History

  • Marchantile nautical cadet (CD-34) (04/2007)
    Institute of Marine Technology (Yangon, Myanmar)