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Jason Githeko

Jason Githeko


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Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Programming (Current)
    • Egerton University – Procedural Programming
    • Basic concepts in programming. Conceptual model of a computer. Variables, constants, operators. Control Structures. Arrays, pointers and strings. File processing. Introduction to OOP. Class and object. Class members.Inheritance. Polymorphism. Exceptions.
  • Web Programming (Summer 2008)
    • Egerton University – Web Programming
    • HTML and XHTML. Javascript. PHP . MySQL. Apache Web server configuration. Simple web application projects with PHP/MySQL
  • Computer Networks (Winter 2008)
    • Egerton University – Computer Networks
    • Basic concepts in networking. Standards organisations. OSI Reference model. LAN topologies and technologies. TCP/IP. Basic network security. Introduction to wireless LANs.