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reni von bifamo

reni von bifamo


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Skills & Interests

  • Business / Professional Coaching / Business Development (Expert)
    I designed a lot of innovativ projekts and products for developing a new part of economie, branches a.s;o. I designed my own fashion label (i started with 14 years to design my own clothes)and open my own exclusive boutique in 2001. Since over 10 years my basic is innovativ consulting - now i have signed an new projekt for monaco: I like to make a new film about monaco with my own written chansonsd and I look for SPONSOREN! I write manuscripts for books, films, musical and others! I developed my own art in diefferent projekts ( I like Monet, Spitzweg, Renoir)! I like to make my doctor now!!


  • Arts for Kids
    Representant 09/2007 – Current

Education History

  • diplingdesign diplingdesign (10/2010)
  • projektmanager f ing and scientist projektmanager f ing and scientist (03/2000)
  • econom(communication) econom (communication) (06/1996)

Teaching Experience

  • development of your education (schoolstarting and later) (Summer 1998)
    • service buero E.I. – children


  • English
    • Speaking level: Intermediate
    • Reading level: Intermediate
  • French
    • Speaking level: Beginner
    • Reading level: Beginner
  • German
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior

Honors & Awards

  • entrepreneur des Jahres in german (10/2000)


  • Development of a marketing concept between 5* hotels /congresscentren and spas/fitnesscentren, 10/06/2010
    5 * Hotels in german and offered later in the world , f.a. MONACO, Austria a.s.o.
  • stamps designed in MONACO , f;a. "HAITI" with a new art of architecture, 03/05/2010
    Palais de MONACO, Banque de MONACO "CMB", Office de Timbre de MONACo, HAITI
  • New Architectur for a new World Trade Center in NEW York, 12/06/2001
    Mr. Bloomberg, New York


  • innovativ consultant (09/1997 – Current) owner of the firm
  • Assistentin GL (07/1993 – 07/1996) supermarket
  • Manager of a fashion boutique (12/1991 – 06/1993) fashion