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Standard 4 - Lots of interaction with NASA

Collection Content

  • Moon Phases
    Moon Phases (Animation)
    animated phases of the moon
  • Phases of the Moon
    Phases of the Moon (Reference Material)
    Actual photographs of the phases of the moon.
  • Space pictures
    Space pictures (Collection)
    great visuals of various objects in space
  • Space Weather
    Space Weather (Reference Material)
    solar storm radiation and radio blackouts
  • Space Archive Images
    Space Archive Images (Reference Material)
    Observatorium up to first Mars mission
  • Sunspots
    Sunspots (Tutorial)
    This lab will be used for students to graph the sunspots that occurred on their own birthday over the last 5 years.
  • Lunar Impact Crater
    Lunar Impact Crater (Tutorial)
    In this lab, students can form their own craters in mud and compare to known lunar craters.
  • Martian vs. Earth Topography
    compare and contrast the highs and lows of Mars vs. Earth using SMART board technology to create a Venn diagram of... More