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Information Visualization

Is it possible to touch, feel, see, hear and perceive information that relates to the world of books?
Explore this emerging visual world:

For those who are new to the world of visualizations, the following book may be of help:
Relativity Visualized, by Lewis C. Epstein Insight Press (San Francisco, CA) (1985). Read reviews at

Also read a note on "Intelligent Library for Science and Technology"
Course: Alternative Cataloging / Information Visualization

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Collection Content

  • Catalog of Clinical Images
    A related application
  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    Virtualizing the connections between physics, chemistry and organisms
  • Data Mining and Analytic Technologies
    visualization through data, information, and knowledge discovery
  • Using Call Numbers
    Using Call Numbers (Tutorial)
    Books get their exposure through call numbers (check the spine of a book it you wish to see the true colors), taxonomy... More
  • A Virtual Library of Useful URLs
    A Virtual Library of Useful URLs (Reference Material)
    Information and measures to outreach
  • VisAD
    VisAD (Reference Material)
    Click if you wish to get a free tool and source code
  • Visualization of Computer Architecture (RaVi)
    Interested in building interfaces? Click here.... More
  • Virtual Organizations
    Virtual Organizations (Reference Material)
    Virtually visual world
  • Visual Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    The world of tools and applications