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Learning objects for US Hist to 1865

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  • The Martha Ballard Case Study: A Midwife's Tale
    Useful for Writing History & Women's hist; HIST1400
  • The Valley of the Shadow
    an old favorite
  • Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
    Great site for teaching about US/Native Am relations. Treaties are all annotated, so students can click on annotation... More
  • Virtual Jamestown
    Virtual Jamestown (Collection)
    Material culture of early Jamestown settlement
  • The Vikings. The North Atlantic Saga
    Excellent material on history of Viking exploration of North America.
  • Crisis at Fort Sumter
    Crisis at Fort Sumter (Simulation)
    Simulation; useful for decision making process re Civil War
  • Documenting the American South
    Documenting the American South (Reference Material)
    Excellent material on Sherman's March. View of two women.