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Practicing French

A great way to practice French from reading, to verb conjugating, food,numbers,colors and everything else.

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  • (Reference Material)
    Useful for looking up words and phrase which can be translated from English to French with the click of a button; and... More
  • Le Conjugueur
    Le Conjugueur (Reference Material)
    This french conjugator is good for learning how to conjugate different French words; all one must do is type in the verb... More
  • French Language
    French Language (Collection)
    This will helped me conjugate verbs and know their meanings. But this site can also help one learn French. The author... More
  • French Poetry
    French Poetry (Collection)
    I really like this website, it's nice seeing the world through French eyes. And if you're a write like myself, you will... More
  • (Drill and Practice)
    The site is good for those who want to know how to say things we see everyday in French from home materials, to... More