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Various Resources related to my many interests including, research, interdisciplinary studies, african american studies, women's studies, and service learning.

Collection Content

  • Newseum
    Newseum (Collection)
    great for looking at front pages of daily newspapers around the country
  • Africans in America
    Africans in America (Collection)
    part of PBS special, Africans in America...companion site
  • Citation Machine
    Citation Machine (Reference Material)
    great for the proper way to cite sources in MLA
  • Active Learning with PowerPoint
    a great repositorie for all things power point...including, active lecturing, educational games, and effective handouts... More
  • Introduction to African American Studies
    Manning Marable's syllabus? a decent guide for an intro to african american studies/african american history course
  • Academic Exchange Quarterly - Service Learning
    Service Learning (publication opportunity)
  • Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
    includes a collection of internet resources on Southern Africa.
  • Online Readings in Psychology and Culture
    may be helpful to assist with INT 411...psychology and culture, including perspectives and ideas related to psychology... More
  • Three Generations of Women in My Family (Oral History Project)
    oral history project--focuses on women (3 generations of documenting), but could also be used for african american... More