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These are some interesting sites for students learning french

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  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Pedagogical activities on a wide variety of topics in French civilization.Modules including audio, video interviews with... More
  • High School Ace
    High School Ace (Drill and Practice)
    Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian to engage FL learners.
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary
    The Internet Picture Dictionary (Reference Material)
    The Internet Picture Dictionary is a completely free, online multilingual picture dictionary designed especially for ESL... More
  • INA Médiathèque
    INA Médiathèque (Learning Object Repository)
    The French National Audio-visual institute, L'INA, grants free online access to its audio and visual archive so that... More
  • Espace Francophone
    Espace Francophone (Collection)
    This site from the French Consulate in New Orleans contains an extensive collection of audiovisual materials for the... More
  • Phonétique FLE
    Phonétique FLE (Tutorial)
    A comprehensive site for the practice of French phonetics with exercises and a forum for teachers and students.
  • Ashcombe: French Video Resources
    French language videos each with its own interactive, self-marking quiz to test listening and vocabulary. Choose the... More