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Accessibility, it's a Right!

“Enablemart” delivers the best products and services to make education and the workplace accessible to students and employees. The company was established six years ago. At the beginning, they were specialized in developing educational software application, and then they realized the great need for assistive technology devices to make the lives of all individuals easier. Today, it is a leading company in this field with a large number of customers all over the world. They have two big stores: the first one is for assistive technology and it has many departments such as vision, hearing, mobility, communication, learning, etc. On your left, there are links to all these departments and when you click on anyone of them you will be surprised by the availability of things that have been manufactured to solve the problem of accessibility in that department. For example, I liked the idea of a talking watch to solve a problem of blind and low vision people. It is a stylish watch with a built in speaker that announces the time and date with a press of a button. What a great solution to the problem of vision. This is just an example. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of devices specially designed to solve all types of accessibility problems. The second store is for assisted living and has many departments such as dressing, grooming, eating and drinking, etc. Descriptive text of each item, in addition to its picture and price, are available. The prices are very reasonable compared to the problems these devices solve. For teachers and designers, I think this a very important place to visit while you are planning for your training. Most likely, you will find solutions to many accessibility problems. Even if one of your students is fully blind, there are still many things such as screen readers and talking devices. Technically, the website is very well organized, very friendly and very easy to use. Anyone can just log in and enjoy browsing the site. There is no possibility that you could get lost or not find what you are looking for. The ordering process is also very simple; anyone can do it easily and smoothly.