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Botany and Plant Biology

These are excellent sites for use in plant biology, plant physiology, and plant anatomy classes.

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  • Plant Biology and Pest Control
    This is a neat simulation that uses real data to determine whether or not pest control in sweet basil signficantly... More
  • Botanical Society of America
    Botanical Society of America (Reference Material)
    This is the main site for the Botanical Society of America and provides all sorts of resources for teaching plant... More
  • Carbon Fixation in Photosynthesis
    This is a great animation showing the dark reactions of photosynthesis.
  • Photosynthesis Animation
    This is a great animation showing the light reactions of photosynthesis.
  • Virtual Plants
    Virtual Plants (Simulation)
    This is a really cool site with video clips that show virtual plant growth and development.
  • Plants in Motion
    Plants in Motion (Collection)
    Plants in Motion provides really cool animations (using time lapse photography) of all sorts of plant growth, tropic... More
  • Oxygenic Photosynthesis in Bacteria
    This animation shows the light reactions of photosynthesis in bacteria, which is a little different from what is... More
  • Connecting Concepts: Plant Biology/Water Relations
    This is a good interactive learning object for learing about water potential in plants and the flow of water from soil... More
  • BSA's Plant Talking Points