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General Biology

These learning materials include animations, simulations, and other useful materials for teaching general biology.

Collection Content

  • Plant Biology and Pest Control
    This is a good learning object that can be used as an assignment, to help students learn about the scientific method.
  • Biology Textbook (On-Line)
    Biology Textbook (On-Line) (Reference Material)
    This is a simple, well-organized, on-line biology textbook that can be used to help teach general biology.
  • General Plant Biology
    This is a great site that helps students learn about plant biology.
  • Virtual Microscope
    Virtual Microscope (Simulation)
    This is a good video that shows how to use a microscope.
  • Cells Alive!
    Cells Alive! (Animation)
    This is a great site for learning about cell structure as well as cell division. It includes really cool animations and... More