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Whatever I find on this site that seems interesting and will help with my Liberal arts Math II course.

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  • Cambodian Music
    Cambodian Music (Simulation)
    This site was really interesting.
  • International Music Score Library Project
    My husband is a music major in college and is very interested in classical music so we really enjoyed looking at this... More
  • Three glass puzzle
    Three glass puzzle (Simulation)
    This is just like a puzzle we did in our class last week. It took me, my mom, and my husband to figure it out!
  • Galileo Galilei
    Galileo Galilei (Reference Material)
    I love this guy! He was such a jumpstart to the discoveries of mathematics.
  • Fractal Site
    Fractal Site (Collection)
    These are really neat pictures and we were just talking about fractal and fractal art in our class.
  • Interactive Mathematics--Games and Puzzles
    This is a lot of math puzzles. Very fun and interesting!