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  • BBC Real Chinese
    BBC Real Chinese (Collection)
    Ten units on basic Mandarin. Based on the BBC TV series of the same name, Real Chinese has slideshows, audio and video... More
  • Chinese New Year Lantern Festival
    This site is designed to provide self-test exercises on grammar and vocabulary with online feedback. Target users are... More
  • An Introduction to Chinese Proverbs and Their Origins
    Learning through listening to Chinese proverbs. Listening exercises for intermediate and advanced students of Mandarin... More
  • Progressive Reading
    Progressive Reading (Reference Material)
    Quote from the site: "Each essay or short story adapted into several versions, from the beginning to the advanced level,... More
  • Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
    Computer-based multimedia curriculum to supplement first, second, third, and fourth year language instruction at... More
  • Chinesepod
    Chinesepod (Collection)
    Daily podcasts from Shanghai for learners of Chinese. Practical lessons for those traveling to China. Different... More