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H.S. Spanish

Web-site with grammar, pictures, poems (audio) and much more!

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  • spanish.language&culture (Spanish Language and Culture)
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises
    Spanish Proficiency Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    This site has oral exercises in a variety of topics. Students can listen to native speakers talk about topics they are... More
  • Complementos
    Complementos (Tutorial)
    This site is all in Spanish. It would be great to use with native speakers or with an AP Spanish class. It includes... More
  • Proyecto Sherazade
    Proyecto Sherazade (Reference Material)
    This site has short stories available to use with students. You can view the story or have it played out loud for... More
  • Enrique Yepes:  Páginas de ayuda para estudiantes de español
    This will take you to an on-line Spanish book with grammar topics. One of the things I like it that it shows how to do... More