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Kristin's Collection

This is a collection of materials that will be useful as a speech-language pathologist.

Collection Content

  • Active Learning with PowerPoint
    PowerPoint would allow for a variety of different objectives to be targeted and also for easy adaptation to accomodate... More
  • Access e-learning
    Access e-learning (Tutorial)
    This will allow for easy access to learning for individuals who have disabilities and/or those that you may not be able... More
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Browser
    This would be helpful to help with my signing and also be a good visual to show other students who may need to... More
  • Education World
    Education World (Collection)
    Includes a lot of activities, games, and printables.
  • ArtsEdge
    ArtsEdge (Reference Material)
    Would allow for incorporating the arts into lessons and activities.
  • (Collection)
    Provides pictures that would be useful for a variety of activities.
  • BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species
    A hands-on approach to learning about animals and the environment.
  • Big Ideas in Beginning Reading
    Big Ideas in Beginning Reading (Reference Material)
    Introduces skills that are beneficial for students learning to read.