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  • Virtual Earthquake
    Virtual Earthquake (Simulation)
    Excellent site for viewing earthquakes and other disasters. Shows events w/ dates which can be part of a motivation when... More
  • Fault Animations
    Fault Animations (Animation)
    User friendly animations of 4 main faults. Useful in explaining how earthquakes displace surfaces.
  • Learning Plate Tectonics With Data
    Learning Plate Tectonics With Data (Reference Material)
    Activities from this site can be useful in teaching tectonic and earthquakes. Students can use scientific data for... More
  • Types of faults: Animations of fault motion
    Visualizations of a each type of fault would be great as a link in a lesson on tectonic forces.
  • Digital Library for Earth System Education
    This site is great for any aspect of science teaching. Ideas for projects and activities are available in a user... More