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butterflies and inquiry strategies

In an inquiry-oriented classroom, the teacher is a co-explorer and guide who cultivates curiosity and challenges students to think and act like scientists as they explore intriguing questions. It takes time, practice, and sometimes, a shift in teaching strategies, to create a classroom where inquiry can flourish. This web site is part of a larger Online community of classrooms from 11,000 schools, representing more than 490,000 students track wildlife such as monarch butterflies across North America during the spring migration. The instructional approach integrates various disciplines in science, math, social studies, development of personal ethics, and language arts. Explicit strategies should help both novice and experienced teachers create a climate for inquiry, support productve discussions, generate questions, plan investigations and gather data, guide consideration of evidence, and critically review research reports. Established in 1991 with a grant from the Annenberg Foundation to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Project uses media and communications to improve math and science education.

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