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ALEKS for Chemistry

ALEKS for Chemistry (A.ssessment and LE.arning in K.nowledge S.paces) A web-based assessment and Learning tool to warn students with deficiencies before they take a high-stakes exam, as well as prevent strong students from having to "learn" material they already know. Students take a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment on General or Preparatory chemistry to determine radidly and accuratley those concepts and skills they have retained from prior relevant course work in math and science. They then enter a tailored learning mode, which can be customized by instructors to match any course, text, pace, and order. Ten years old, and used by millions of students since 1999, ALEKS is a commercial spinoff from a research project at UC Irvine. See the two minute video here (click on "take the tour) Read about ALEKS in detail here: