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NetGen Students

Who are the students of the 21st century?

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  • A Vision of Students Today
    A short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need... More
  • Pay Attention
    Pay Attention (Presentation)
    This 7-minute video presentation, simply entitled Pay Attention, was created by Darren Draper, (Jordan School District... More
  • The Digital Divide: Where we are today?
    The article presents some data depends on the census for 2002 in terms of increasing the number of internet users. About... More
  • Educating the net generation
    Educating the net generation (Reference Material)
    This e-book by Educause is a rather long document that can be printed by chapter. It is well researched and should be of... More
  • A Learning Theory for 21st-Century Students
    A Learning Theory for 21st-Century Students (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    Marie Sontag offers a new learning theory to shape K-12 teaching. Sontag's social and cognitive connectedness schema... More
  • Learning Styles
    Learning Styles (Presentation)
    A 3-minute video which introduces the concept of learning styles. Study strategies for various learning styles are... More
  • The Networked Student
    The Networked Student (Case Study)
    The research on the efficacy of active learning strategies is well-established. Many have found that technology not only... More