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Using Technology with Education

In this collection, I have included documents and sites that correlate with using technology with education. It also includes the various ways technology can be an instructional supplement in the classroom and help students reach success.

Collection Content

  • Access e-learning
    Access e-learning (Tutorial)
    Module tutorials on helping students with disabilities in regards to using technology with education.
  • Active Learning with PowerPoint
    Using power points is a form of a graphic organizer that can be used to present information before a lesson, present... More
  • Web Tutorials: XHTML, DHTML, ASP.NET, JavaScript
    This is more towards adult level learning. This includes tutorials on various technological formatting.
  • Social Studies: Plan a Trip Across the World using Web 2.0 Applications
    Another great simulation exercise. It contains lessons on using Google Earth, Pageflakes, and much more.
  • "Jude e-Clock" : Mr. Myers' Classroom
    This is mainly geared towards younger grades and helps students tell time using this virtual manipulative.
  • (Learning Object Repository)
    This is a great application to create colorful graphic organizers for any subject and/or topic.