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French videos, cartoons and other animations with authentic conversation

These are videos, cartoons and clips which can greatly enhance your classroom and oral communication practice.

Collection Content

  • Le Génie du manguier
    Le Génie du manguier (Animation)
    A multimedia presentation of a short story set in Francophone Africa and created for French language learners. The site... More
  • Objectif Animation: Canadian short films in French
    Short animated films of great pedagogical utility for French and francophone studies classes. Roch Carrier narrates the... More
  • Tintin Blog
    Tintin Blog (Animation)
    An inventive way to teach past tense with cartoons.
  • Chez Louisette
    Chez Louisette (Animation)
    Animations in French and in Spanish for young learners. Stories, games and quizzes
  • rfi:Radio France Internationale: La langue française
    The site uses the week's news in review to teach the French language to non-native speakers. In addition to very current... More