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Spanish for Children


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  • Mexico para niños
    Mexico para niños (Collection)
    This site is especially beneficial for its content. It is ideal for developing materials for bilingual and immersion... More
  • Los Cuentos de mi Tia Panchita
  • Español ¡Hoy!
    Español ¡Hoy! (Tutorial)
  • Artenautas
    Artenautas (Collection)
    This site is a must! The pedalogical considerations take into account all learning styles and multiple intelligences. In... More
  • Andalucía para niñas y niños
    Immersion and bilingual programs.
  • Story Place:  La La biblioteca digital de los niños
    An excellent site for teaching reading. Includes audio.
  • International Children's Digital Library
    Vocabulary and worksheets