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Health Sciences Classics

This is a collection of the Health Sciences Classics Winners from 2002 onward.


Collection Content

  • The Auscultation Assistant
    How can medical and nursing students understand what a heart How can medical and nursing students understand what a... More
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology
    A perfect resource for healthcare professionals, teachers, and students of any age, this site lays out the key concepts... More
  • What's Asthma All About?
    To understand asthma, it is important to know how the body works and reacts. This 3 part movie explains the lungs and... More
  • Neuroscience for Kids
    Neuroscience for Kids (Collection)
    Neuroscience for Kids is a collection of information, learning activities, and web links about the nervous system. Basic... More
  • Assessing Blood Pressure
    This learning module presents the proper technique and common errors associated with assessment of blood pressure. The... More
  • Outbreak at Watersedge- A Public Health discovery game.
    The site is an interactive game.The game shows a variety of people involved in halting an outbreak and only the intern... More
    TOX TOWN (Animation)
    This interactive learning resource provides an introduction to chemicals and environmental health risks that we face in... More
  • Think Cultural Health: Bridging the Gap Through Cultural Competency Continuing Education
    This learning resource provides three nursing case studies. According to the web site the "Culturally Competent Nursing... More