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Faculty Development Classics

This is a collection of the Faculty Development Classics from 2004 onward


Collection Content

  • Active Learning with PowerPoint
    This module is an online tutorial that suggests ways faculty can use PowerPoint as a medium to support active learning.... More
  • Access e-learning
    Access e-learning (Tutorial)
    This learning material is a free, online ten-module tutorial that offers information, instructional techniques, and... More
  • FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)
    FAST is an anonymous online survey tool that automatically summarizes students’ impressions of a course and/or... More
  • The Common Craft Show: Sense Making for the Masses
    The Common Craft Show is a series of short explanatory videos on current topics of interest related to instructional... More
  • Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
    Educators at all levels can use Digital Storytelling in many ways, from introducing new material to helping students... More
  • Brief Hybrid Workshops on Teaching Well Online
    This website offers everything you need to run your own Brief Hybrid Workshop. Each Brief Hybrid Workshop package of... More
  • MERLOT ELIXR: Sharing Faculty Stories Community Portal
    MERLOT ELIXR is a high-quality digital collection of faculty teaching stories that can be used in faculty development... More
  • Learning to Teach Online Project
    The Learning to Teach Online project is a free professional development resource designed to help teachers from any... More