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  • A Brief History of Singing
    A Brief History of Singing (Reference Material)
    History of vocal music, mainly focusing on the development of Opera.
  • Reading Music
    Reading Music (Tutorial)
    An introduction to music basics.
  • The Aria Database
    The Aria Database (Reference Material)
    Collection of information about arias and operas.
  • Online Music Theory Reference
    Online Music Theory Reference (Reference Material)
    A good reference for music theory including definition of terms, exercises to improve skills, and articles for further... More
  • Diction Domain
    Diction Domain (Reference Material)
    Resource to help speak/sing in a foreign language.
  • Secondary Dominants
    Secondary Dominants (Tutorial)
    Resource for more information about harmonic functions.
  • Good-Ear - online ear training site
    Help with aural skills.
  • The Singing Voice
    The Singing Voice (Reference Material)
    Information about the voice and the history of singing.
  • Jazz Roots
    Jazz Roots (Collection)
    History of Jazz and Jazz Musicians.
  • (Tutorial)
    Website available to help students learn music theory. Includes interactive exercises to help with identification of... More