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Computer Programming Resources I might use

Things that I find in Merlot that I would like to keep a handle on. I might learrn from these personally, or use them in classes or both.

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  • .NET Overview, VB.NET and C#.NET
    Slides that are a good overview of VB -> VB.NET and ADO.NET
  • A Gentle Introduction to SQL
    The Zoo's might be a useful place to get SQL tutorials, and also there is PROGZOO that seems to be useful for... More
  • Binary Base-2 & Hindu Arabic Base-10 Counting
    Animating counting in vaious number systems. Might be useful for conceptualizing counting in binary / hex.
  • Computer Numbering Formats
    Computer Numbering Formats (Reference Material)
    A pretty complete reference on number systems. Might be difficult for some to get through.
  • HTML Goodies Tutorial
    Pretty accessible tutorials that students will probably like. The Database introduction looks good. Lots of programming... More
  • Amit's Game Programming Information
    Nice collection of links for game programming class.
  • Introduction to Programming using Java
    This is a nice Java text. Might want to lecture to it.